Who can participate?

Age group 6 – 21 years , i.e. school and university students.

How is the contest divided ?

Independent                       School
Solo : 6- 12                             Solo : 6-12
Solo 13- 21                             Solo 13 – 21
Group : 6- 12                         Group 6-12
Group : 13- 21                       Group 13-21

What are the categories ?

There is the solo and group , i.e. independent entry . Then there is also entry
from the schools i.e. solo and group.

Is there an entry fee for contestants?

No there is no entry fee for contestants.

Do I need my parents or guardians’ consent on the form to enter if I am under the age of 18 years?

Yes, if you are representing a school (Educational Institute/University) your school
can sign for you.
If you are independent or from a private dance school, you do need a parent/local
guardian or the dance school to sign for you.

How many can there be in the group ?

Maximum 8 minimum 2 qualifies as a group.

What is the entry criteria ?

If you match the age criteria and can dance fill in the online form available
on www.dansationarabia.com or enter via your school , and if your school has
not entered the competition get them to .
Our expert judges will then decide if you can move to the next round on seeing
your performance.

Where will the eliminations be held ?

The eliminations will be held at the Bollywood Parks Dubai.

Is there an entry fee to Bollywood Parks Dubai for the contestants ?

There is no fee for contestants, we will allow One school staff per ten
students for participating schools.

Can I get my parents/ friends /relatives for the eliminations to Bollywood Parks Dubai?

Yes you can .

Is there an entry fee to Bollywood Parks for the parents /friends and relatives of contestants ?

Yes there is a discounted special fee for parents / friends and relatives of the
contestants. These special tickets can be purchased at the gate. This price is valid
during the auditioning timings only.

Does the entry fee entitle them to use the other rides at Bollywood Parks Dubai?

Yes it does, the rides will be open during park hours only.

Can I get my food or refreshments from home or school?

No you cannot, Bollywood Parks Dubai would have the necessary
refreshments at a price to be purchased.

When will the eliminations be held?

The eliminations will be held over the weekends i.e. Fridays & Saturdays on
the dates assigned to the contestants. The details of which you find at

How will I know if I / group has been chosen?

The list of contestants progressing into the competition will be on the
www.dansationarabia.com microsite with the dates.

Is there a prize for winning Dansation Arabia 2019?

Yes there is, prize details have been mentioned on the

Is there a costume restriction for Dansation Arabia 2019?

All contestants must be decently dressed maintaining the dignity of the
venue and Dansation Arabia.

Do I get to dance to the track/song of my choice during the eliminations ?

Yes you can do .

Do I have to get the track/song of my choice during the elimination?

Yes do carry your song/track on an USB when you come for your eliminations.

Will props be provided by the organizers?

No props will not be provided . The contestant/group will have to make
arrangements for their props if they so do wish to use one.

Can I represent a dance school in the Dansation Arabia?

Yes you can solo or group.

Can I represent my school in solo and group in Dansation Arabia ?

Yes you can .

Can I represent my school and send in an entry independently too?

No you cannot.

Will eliminations be held during RAMADAN?

Yes some eliminations will be held during RAMDAN only on the weekends
between 10 am – 3 pm at Bollywood Parks.

Where will the finals of Dansation Arabia be held ?

It will be held in Raj Mahal , Bollywood Parks Dubai

What if the song has explicit lyrics / foul language ?

We recommend you use radio edit version of the song which do not have explicit lyrics o better avoid the song if the edited version is not available .

What is the duration of the track for audition ?

A – 1 min to 1.45 sec max.